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About ?

One Life, said a ' useless parasite born Cat ' used to live.
Repeatedly treaten like a piece of furniture,
subversively tortured with loud music,
within its deepest recovery. No better way to get rid of what felt disturbing .
The day she died was her just earning an ' Alas, what do I feel sorry for you ! ' .
And may be that was a little late .
Think the expression ' useless parasite '
while a corn shouldn't be yours or mine, since given .
You won't guess an apple not falling far off the tree,
maybe seeds are growing different ...
And until the colour of a living skin
is of no more significance than the colour of them eyes . ..

What to do ?

Collecting voices and support in order to :


Saving animals from being kept in zoos,
especially tigers, icebears, gorillas and other wildlifes,
who suffer from an inacceptable caption .
Visit a zoo, generate sales and tell the people
that some of these animals suffer a lot from caption to free those !
And generate even more sales by showing empty cages
from that animals who have been brought back to their
natural environments .
Tell it to people you like !

' Actually, it is a large wonder, that a kept tiger bites a mere times . '


Building fences where possible to prevent roadkills . You might choose a bike too, to go on a save cycle track. And take care !


Report, if you see cruelty to animals . Where ever you can ! Lots of them are weaker than you and they cannot talk .


Meat makes you fat .
It is not ugly to be fat - may be it is nice to be healthy .


A life cannot get out of its skin and it feels like you .

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• Canvas " Omega Apocalyptica ".

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